Hats off Ireland Story – A little story on my arrival to Ireland.

First time in another country by myself.

All alone. I don’t know anybody.

Unsure if I’m on the right bus to the bed&breakfast and where do am I supposed to get off.

After the Audi Garage *she said* on the phone call before my arrival.

That’s all I need to remember.

Told this to the bus driver, he was so nice – popped his head towards the back seats and told me it’s my stop.

I somehow manage to find the B&B.

The most welcoming family helps me get to my room with my luggage.

Chilling at my new room, not sure what to do now.

Opened my laptop – connected to WiFi, watched the same old TV show that helped me relax.

Better sleep, start fresh tomorrow – flight was a killer.

*Wait… I´m in Ireland* I think to myself. I’ll find something to do later this evening.

Woke up in the evening, went to The Goat Bar.

I order myself a Guinness.

4 guys join me and get extremely excited over a golf match on TV.

They welcome me to Ireland and invite me to endless rounds of Guinness for 2 hours and won’t take my money.

I somehow wobble back to my B&B and sleep,

That was nice of them, 3 years have passed since.

The cold winter won´t stop me from loving it.

The people are warmer than the weather.

This creates an environment that makes you want to stay.

Hats off to Ireland and it’s people. ****Thank you!****

Hats off Ireland was built because of the 3 years I’ve spent here, everyone was nice and welcoming.


Got so many of these stories and I can’t fit them all…

Stay tuned for more,