Recently, someone posted a question in a private Facebook page about the idea of escaping the cubicle:

“Hello everyone! I joined Choose Yourself from the very beginning and was so overwhelmed by the idea of escaping cubicle and Choosing Myself, however later I’ve got an offer from a company, which was such an attractive package that I forgot about everything and threw myself into another cubicle slavery which was however even exciting at some point. However now my company shrinks and I will most probably be jobless very soon. I’ve lost my ability to feel what to do next. I don’t know whether I should look for another cubicle job or start Choosing Myself. Is there a way to bring that “feeling of the right direction” back? I had it before it became blunt.”

It seems there’s quite a lot of pressure these days on people who work in cubicles, that it’s beyond horrible and unbearable to stay, which might be true in many jobs.

Some people think that a job or role somewhere else is the right path to take – even internally in the company.

Why? because you’ll have more money, it’s a new place, different role, different people and this will make you happy.

That is, until you landed at the next job, even if it’s not immediate – a year or two later you’ll be back on the job market again, taking the same road taken before.

I work in a cubicle, I provide technical solutions for customers in the company and in return I get a paycheck every month along with a few more bonuses.

While I work there, I’ve learned how to write an appropriate email, have a proper conversation on the phone and provide solutions for customers who need help with the products.

While learning so many things, I’ve been searching what else I would love to do so that I won’t die as a “Technical Support Analyst”!

  • Picking up a 3rd language, so I’ll be able to communicate with more people.
  • Reading plenty of books to help my writing and develop my thoughts and ideas.
  • Building a website to help people and businesses grow.

The reason I’m telling you this, is because there’s so much that YOU can do while working on a 9-5 job.

You’ll often see the idea of Entrepreneurship as the fantastic new ‘thing’ that replaces the old American Dream.

My advice: Relax, stop listening to so much outside noise telling you to stop with your job right away, it almost got me several times.

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have any ideas yet, point your efforts towards coming up with ideas, write them down when you can.

Make us of the old pen&paper and be sure to have one near your casual spots.
You may also use today’s technology, such as: Evernote, Onenote, Notepad++.
There’s more, and these are all available on your phone and tablet.

Enjoy your job for a while longer, use that money you make there for your new ideas, see if you can go part time instead of full time before fully committing to that new business or fantastic idea you have.

There’s nothing wrong with quitting your job if you’re on fire and got roots in place, there’s also nothing wrong with staying in your job and spreading those roots to grab a steady ground.


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