6 months ago, I attended Jordan Belfort’s seminar with a friend and it was horrible!

The marketing suggested that we will “Discover the ever-evolving formula of Success”

We arrived at the event 9:00 AM and finished at 7:00 PM

The first person to come on stage was JT Foxx, he stood on stage for 4 hours telling a hall of what looked like 500 people who he is, how great he is, how much money he has and showed us selfies with celebrities.

4 HOURS of nothing about guiding nor teaching, all he did was show us pictures of fancy cars and trips he’s taken so that we can follow him like sheep as if he’s the god of money.

We didn’t last the 4 hours, we left after 2 hours of yawning to the bar outside for a drink and came back after an hour and a half only to see him speak about the same damn thing!

Luckily, it ended fairly OK with the beer in our tummies, the next guy Peng Joon told us he was in debt for a scholarship because he was playing World of Warcraft instead of studying.

Then he showed us his passive income from selling things online. and ended up speaking about himself – just like JT Foxx for a few more hours.

By the time Jordan Belfort came on stage we were exhausted, while he was funny, I could hardly feel any value brought to people who went to this event.

I saw that people weren’t as impressed as they should have been from such a grand-marketed event.

I’m not a millionaire like JT Foxx nor Peng Joon, They’re probably doing something right, but this event was just wrong.

Maybe it’s just me;

Customer dissatisfaction aside: Gary Vaynerchuk will bring up on stage with him Niall Harbison who made the beautiful website of LovinDublin and Pat Divilly, Author of 2 bestseller books and I’m sure they will share how they both grew using Social Media and have something of value.

The reason I know Gary Vaynerchuck’s event is ABSOLUTELY different from Jordan Belfort’s before even attending?

He researched Ireland, recognised two fantastic entrepreneurs who provided fantastic VALUE and INNOVATION to people.

I think it’s important the people who attended Jordan Belfort’s most boring event in Dublin do not come with a bad taste to Gary Vaynerchuck’s.

Hats off Gary, for both promoting entrepreneurs and Social Media in Ireland and bringing value along with you.

I think there’s no “Formula to success”, success is different for every individual.
Success can be happiness, love, money, health, abundance, maybe it’s all of them.

Success comes from your heart when you’re ready to fall in love with what you do – when confidence strikes in your speech and appears to the outside world.