Facebook who reportedly offered $3 Billion to Snapchat in 2013 is right too.

As Gary  Vaynerchuk once said, Mark Zuckerberg saw Snapchat in 2013 as a vulnerability just like Instagram, the reason being that 45% of Snapchat’s users are under 25. There are over 100 million users total, nearing 200 million.

He’s not the only one who’s right about it there’s millions are literally addicted to it.

I honestly felt that this social media platform was complete nonsense filled with kids who share absolutely meaningless content.

Now, after forcing myself to try Snapchat for more than 5 minutes and understand how to use it – it makes complete sense, and I’m addicted to it.

I constantly keep on checking to see if anyone has sent me a message or posted something cool to share with the world.

Why is it so great? I feel it’s the sense of quickness in it, when you browse through social media platforms there is fast consumption of information that is relevant to your daily life.

Notice how addicting it is to scroll down on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and even blogs that are adapting to this speed. Now, even “Landing Pages” are designed in a way that you scroll down to no end.

The first thing once you’re logged in to Snapchat is that your Camera is already on and you can start taking pictures and videos very quickly.

Placing the speed of engagement between friends instantaneously, don’t forget that videos and pictures are incredibly fast for information consumption.

The concept of infographics is working everywhere, a powerful trend that is being used and loved in every social media platform out there as images are quicker to consume and scroll through than words, regardless of preference.

The new, but not so new use of video is even faster, each video needs to have more impact as its short length and series of pictures will pass information even faster.

With a single tap, you can skip the nonsense and enjoy more snaps and videos.

After all, Social media is about speed – even pages, publishers and news all over the world compete with each other over “First to post” articles.

Once you’ve seen that picture – It’s gone (You can screenshot though) and stories disappear after 24 hours. It allows you to express funny personalities, how to’s and even advertise towards 13-34 year olds.

So give Snapchat a chance like many others who use it right now, there’s a market of users there for a reason and let’s just mention one final time, it’s a lot of fun.