Sometimes when I stand up at work, I look around and I ask myself – “what am I doing here?”

My workplace is a transparent call center, and if you just stand up, you can see everybody’s faces and sometimes those sad expressions.

During my high school years I lived someone else’s life.

I was told that if I don’t study or go to school I’ll end up collecting garbage for the rest of my life, my parents tried to scare me just so I will go to school.

It did scare me, no one likes waking up in the morning to the smell of shit and garbage, and so I listened to my parents and went on to study (kind of), I was miserable..

When it comes to doing something we hate, the results are poor, however when it comes to doing something we love – we are willing to go all out for it.

At some point – my parents noticed I want more for myself, more than just a job or money, I basically wanted to be happy.

Change in desires – following happiness:

Testing the waters; I worked as a PC technician in a primary school, while the job was satisfying, after a while I realised there’s so much more that I am capable of doing.

Dream job; I found a job in Ireland and it was a dream come true, safe job, nice salary, pension plan, freedom and getting out of my parents house at 26 was a gold mine.

That’s when passion kicked in and I realized what I want, and working at my 9-5 job sparks fireworks in my head that push me towards my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, working in a big company inspires me every day, I enjoy learning from others and seeing how a good business can be run.

However as I changed as a person, my perception of my desires has changed. I want more. I no longer see it as the freedom I had once envisioned.

Waiting for the weekend and the monthly paycheck is no longer the goal we strive for, but it helps us survive just until our dreams turn to reality.

Latest change, Freedom;  Open my own business and desire more success for others than for myself.

I look around my office and in some ways feel a little caged and this feeling has pushed me towards reaching my goals and dreams, I am afraid.

Just think how great it will be to be doing what you love and follow your desires and to look back and think how silly it was to be fearful.

I have opened my own business which focuses on helping others. I enjoy giving, and empowering others, I want to help you do what you feel you can’t do by yourself. I want to help you create your own fancy dish.

Don’t be scared of doing something different, successful people do what failures don’t – when we experiment on our desires, all fears dissipate.