My grades were terrible and I hated all subjects, except English. It started around age 14 when the teachers told my parents to take me for ADHD diagnosis and I was ‘positive’. So the school moved me and 4 other kids to a ‘special class’ for the students that are not performing well.

I can’t remember ever being ‘hyperactive’, I would fall asleep or read fiction and fantasy books, not any of the mumbo-jumbo history books.

Come on – any kid can lose attention when the subject in history class is a king from the 8th century and somehow you’re supposed to remember it for a year or two.

I used to play video games all the time, realised that I’m getting nowhere, and thinking school is the only option to get anywhere in life I escaped to the realm of gaming, where I felt successful beating other kids and adults.

At one point when I was 17, I fell in love with a girl, trying to express my emotions and seeing as I love reading so much and never felt this way before.

Irrationality met with my passion for the art of writing, so I sent her an Email to express myself.

For three months I couldn’t show myself in school, the email was ridiculous and she thought I’m crazy.

My parents were worried I’ll get kicked out of school and lose my eligibility to receive a certification of spending 12 years in that institution.

My mother told me to stop playing video games all day, she asked; ‘what would you like to do in life?’

“I want to write books,” I said, and will never forget that day. “you won’t be able to have any income, writers are barely making a dime, and it’s unrealistic,” she said.

So there goes my dream of writing, from these 2 moments, I’m terrified of any work that doesn’t bring me income and makes me ‘almost’ satisfied.

To this day I still can’t believe in my writing, James Altucher – one of my favourite writers, said he Loved one of my articles.

I was paralysed and couldn’t write anymore for a while, but then… – I started to have some little spark of belief in my writing capabilities. So I tried writing about different things.

Today, I’m chasing my dream by writing: food and travel blog, self-development articles – or is it turning into a diary? and Emails – but hey, no more digital love letters!

My biggest self-fulfilment moment to date was helping a lady raise her sales of chocolate fudge with jam on the countryside of Ireland.

Can you believe a few words of compliment helped someone’s business about 150 miles from where I live?

If we don’t express ourselves and follow our dreams – what else is there left to do?

If you’re stuck today, it’s time to look back and search for signs of shattered dreams, before you regret not trying.

To achieve your dreams, begin by searching inside.


I still love my mom, She went above and beyond to support me to this day.

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