Posting flyers isn’t as easy as it appears, especially when you’ve just opened your business.

After opening my own business and following a plan I had written down, I ordered business cards and flyers to help lift it off.

So I carry with me business cards and hand them over whenever I meet someone that I make a connection with or potentially needs help.

The first college I approached to post up my flyer, I got yelled on the phone with “No!!! Under no circumstances you will post any sort of flyer on campus”

Seems odd coming up from a campus full of junk flyers, so I thought maybe they have good reason not to want those.

I stood outside the college with 10 flyers in my hand, wondering if I should give up, what’s next for me? maybe this business is not such a good idea after all…

I took my phone out my pocket and was ready to call my mentor, but then I thought to myself, what would I say? that I gave up? what should I do now?

I asked myself Why I do what I do ?  My thoughts ran wild and had a conversation with myself in my head.

At the bottom of my heart, I love what I do and my passion will stick till the day I die to push others beyond their imaginary and limiting walls.

Then I put the phone back in my pocket and started walking towards the next college.

On the way I had time to think about how I could approach this better, I was so nervous about putting up my first flyer, I didn’t introduce myself or say what my business is all about.

Reaching the next college I explained to the person in charge of the students union how my business can help their students find a job.

When I went with the approach of how can I serve you, the response was completely different.

She was excited to hear about it and was happy to put the college’s stamp on it so that they won’t take it off.

Posting flyers can come with quite a bit of problems and the approach must be done properly.

Knowing the reason why I do what I do helped me present to the colleges what is the value I bring to their students from the bottom of my heart.

From here on posting flyers was easy, I reached every college/place with a mindset of Why and How I can help them by posting up my flyer.

The places I asked permission to post my flyers and have a stamp on were more and more curious about what I can bring to the table.

When we ask ourselves why we do what we do when we feel somewhat desperate or on the edge of quitting – the answers clear up in our minds.