Coming up with ideas is hard, opening a business is hard, living your life can be hard – and getting yourself a mentor is the answer to all your questions about all these topics.

Having a mentor is NOT a one-way street, you are given advice, and give back when you have something of value to offer too, you’re not supposed to pay.

My friend and I mentor one another for 2 years, we helped each other so much on a variety of topics that made us better at everything.

I can only be grateful for meeting such a friend and we can both look back to two years ago and see how far we got, and how far we can get.

Your mentor is actually your friend, remember when you had a problem and you went over complaining to a friend and he gave some useful advice?

Imagine you two have a weekly session in which you’re able to provide each other with ideas, advice, tips and you focus on improving.

Step #1:  In order for your mentor-friend to give you the right advice, Be honest with yourself and others, and it won’t work if you’re too afraid to ask questions that might appear embarrassing.

While I was about to ask stupid questions, I received honest and serious answers with no laughing or judgement – just remember that is the sort of mentor you’re looking for, don’t doubt your questions.

Step #2: Find a friend(To be your mentor) whose ideas and advice are good, someone who’d give you advice that even if you completely disagree with it.

I can’t remember how many times I got pissed off with my friends advice or ideas that I just got back to chat with him only to say, damn dude you were right!

Step #3
: Write down weekly targets for yourselves and suggest improvements in categories such as : Health, Business, Social, and General ideas.

This is the 2nd toughest part after step #4, sometimes you just have to dig really deep and understand what is it that’s really necessary for yourself to improve or work on in your day to day life.

Step #4: Take action, you’ll never reach goals and targets without execution.

That’s the hardest step of them all, we all know how hard it is to execute on our targets and ideas, we prevent ourselves from taking action – when you stop yourself: this is the part you go back to your mentor and discuss the roadblock.

Remember to stay with friends that bring value to your life, those that make you laugh, those that will give advice and answer what to do next instead of laugh at questions that make you feel embarrassed to ask – get rid of those that do not bring value to your life.

always help them without expectation of anything in return – and they’ll come back for more.

Google measures it’s success by how quickly it sends you to other websites where you can get help, but then – where do you return to when you need more help? Google.