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The Black Bang

He writes on paper, his mind is set on target. Moves his mouth as if he controls the pen with magic. His dark black hair of a bang falls lightly on his forehead. Stops his writing and plans his next spell on the page. Looking around because he is lost in thought. Taps...

Redhead on a train

Dark and bright red hair, skin so white. Elegant clothes from the sixties, Bordo hat with smashing gold bracelet and a blue gem. Gently staring around in shame or fear as she sits. Perhaps she doesn't like being around people. Finally, a smile as she glares at her...

My Work


This is where I bleed on the page. If you can’t stand the sight of blood – I possibly hit the main artery.

Hats off Ireland

A special project of mine as a special thank you to Ireland, for welcoming me with it’s open arms. Perfect for foodies and travelers.


Hi. I'm Liran - and I'm on a writer's path, my dream has always been to write a book.

My passion is reading and you'll find me carrying a book everywhere I go.

I commit to writing the most honest words and share them with you.


Liran's bookshelf: read

Fierce on the Page: Become the Writer You Were Meant to Be and Succeed on Your Own Terms
it was amazing
The book is very much focused on the life experiences she had whenever she was writing, from when she was a kid, had breaks, breakups, divorce and the amazing influential good people she attracted to her life that helped her get to where...