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I fell in-love and sent her an E-mail.

My grades were terrible and I hated all subjects, except English. It started around age 14 when the teachers told my parents to take me for ADHD diagnosis and I was 'positive'. So the school moved me and 4 other kids to a ‘special class’ for the students that are not...

Can’t stop loving Ireland and its people.

Hats off Ireland Story - A little story on my arrival to Ireland. First time in another country by myself. All alone. I don't know anybody. Unsure if I'm on the right bus to the bed&breakfast and where do am I supposed to get off. After the Audi Garage *she said*...

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This is where I bleed on the page. If you can’t stand the sight of blood – I possibly hit the main artery.

Hats off Ireland

A special project of mine as a special thank you to Ireland, for welcoming me with it’s open arms. Perfect for foodies and travelers.


Hi. I'm Liran - and I'm on a writer's path, my dream has always been to write a book.

My passion is reading and you'll find me carrying a book everywhere I go.

I commit to writing the most honest words and share them with you.


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Fierce on the Page: Become the Writer You Were Meant to Be and Succeed on Your Own Terms
it was amazing
The book is very much focused on the life experiences she had whenever she was writing, from when she was a kid, had breaks, breakups, divorce and the amazing influential good people she attracted to her life that helped her get to where...