The news are all bad, for every fifty bad news, there is one that will keep you “hopeful” for good news.

I’m from a country that you must read the news so you will be able to socialize and understand what your colleagues are talking about at work.

If you didn’t hear something on the Radio, read it on the newspaper, saw it last night on TV then be ready to have everyone tell you of the bad news they heard of!

Not every morning you can wake up happy or in a good mood, but you can change it so that you can control how you feel before starting your day.

The news will CHANGE your mind – Political agendas, your opinion of another country and worst of all – people!

News are flashing lights of information – Panic, fear, and hoping for good news which are never coming.

And I’ve read the newspapers since I was a kid!


So here’s a few ways you can change your daily routine of reading bad news:

Option #1: Read a book of value, at the moment I’m switching between four books.

The books I’m reading and recommend : James Altucher’s Choose Yourself and Guide to wealth, The 4 hour work week, How we got to now.

At the moment I’m looking for a good biography – so feel free to suggest some books to me and others in the comments – perhaps one day we’ll meet and chat about our shared heroes.

Option #2:
Meditate – at first I was skeptic, however it works.

I mediate every day for 10 minutes, thinking of 5 things I’m grateful for destroys anger and fear – it’s that simple.

Option #3:
Listen to music, there’s nothing more powerful than listening to Music.

if you encounter me on the Luas (the train to work) you’ll see me tapping my feet 90% of the ride or mumbling to myself while listening to audio-books of Spanish lessons.

(TIP: Avoid music that depresses you)

Name one thing from approximately 10,000 stories you read that gave you anything of value.

Right now I tried to think so hard of that and I can’t come up with anything.

Imagine yourself starting your day with bad news, how’s your day going to look like? How is your LIFE going to look like ?

Start right now, stop reading the news – try that for a week or two, you will notice the difference.