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Apple’s Trailers hand-out

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A useful PHP and Perl script to grab Apple trailers

A great link I’ve found provides access to an updated list of Apple’s trailers/poster images. Useful for a php/perl script to grab it.


Or even better, a php: http://www.zerohex.org/AppleTrailers.txt
Well, now that you have this file, how do you get the best out of it? Quite easy, the code is already written, on javascript though, so you’d need a console javascript engine for that. luckily Rhino which does the job is available simply by apt-get install rhino

Next up, you’d have to edit the file and change all the document.write() functions with print(), then add to the end of the file a function from all the provided ones like loadRandomE(); just run it with ‘rhino -f externalA.js‘