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Linux Certifications or not?

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Certify my skills

Well certifications are a big deal doesn’t matter who is the vendor, whether its cisco, checkpoint, lpi or redhat, it’s always a really frightening and exhausting issue.Why? I think this is mainly because nowdays these users are touching every angle of the subject in question whether its linux or networking and you can’t possibly remember everything you do and memorize it to perfection so that you’d score in the cert exam.

Moreover, you’ll even find a whole bunch of users who have passed excellently the CCNA exam but can’t calculate subnets or RHCE certified users who can’t get some configs right by heart, this is funny and sad at the same time. I believe it happens because computers much like math is a matter of practice and in this enormous, vast and yet expanding field of technology every day there’s a new kid on the block technology-wise and it’s quite impossible to keep up with things. Anyway, seems like my prelude was way too word-intensive.

The point was that I’d give out some LPI and linux certification related links, have fun: