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Been Gone

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I... miss my dad :(

Things have been happening in my life lately…

My dad got sick and had to go through surgery and was committed to the Hospital for about 2.5 months. He’s now resting at home and getting better. A few weeks afterwards I had to go through surgery myself which to say the least, was really hard on me. Some advancements at work also occur, the company which I work in was acquired by a very large Telecom company and so things have been somewhat confusing for people and tense was in the air though I was rather calm about it, and everything is ok now.

To the good stuff that has been keeping me away… So I’ve been taking care of my parents and been seeing them alot, more than usual. I’ve also done much improvements with daloRADIUS, my RADIUS management web application which has also been gaining support in the community.

I hope to be more available… Liran.