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Jabberd2 deployment notes

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Jabberd2 can definitely be annoying to install with all of its pre-requiste requirements and not having a debian package for the latest jabberd2 (2.1.17 at this time) isn’t really adding much fun to it.

On a Debian Etch system (and possibly Ubuntu) it is required to have the following packages installed as a requirement to build jabberd2:

OpenSSL support:

  • libssl-dev (>= 0.9.6b)
  • libssl0.9.8
  • openssl
apt-get install libssl-dev libssl0.9.8 openssl

Libidn support:

  • libidn11
  • libidn11-dev
apt-get install libidn11 libidn11-dev


  • libexpat1
  • libexpat1-dev
apt-get install libexpat1 libexpat1-dev

If you’re planning to work with MySQL or other database then you’d also need the header and development files, or in short:

apt-get install mysql-server-5.0 libmysqlclient15-dev libmysqlclient15off