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daloRADIUS new feature: backups

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Building backups feature into daloRADIUS to allow backup/restore capability from the user interface.

It’s been hanging around in SVN for almost 2 weeks now.

I’ve had the backups feature in my head for quite a very long time, probably a number of months but I haven’t rushed to implement it because I wanted it to be completely useful for all kinds of databases and not just MySQL, even if it’s probably the most widely used for a FreeRADIUS development (at least seems like it from the feedback I get from users).

And so, I’ve come to a conclusion that basing the backups only on the actual entries in the database is more portable and should be compatible with many database types as opposed to basing backups on the actual database, i.e – having the backup/restore to also include table structure, etc which requires different syntax with different databases.

So the bottom line to remember is that when you create a backup, it creates a backup file with only the INSERT entries which means that when you need to restore the database from it you must actually CREATE the database itself (i.e: create database radius in MySQL console) and then also create each table according to the names you have originally back’ed up (i.e: create table).

Take a look at the screenshots below to see the new backup feature.