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daloRADIUS New Batch Users Management

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Bulk user import and other management actions in daloRADIUS web UI

A really cool new addition to daloRADIUS’s batch system is the ability to track batch history and associate batch users you create with to a specific batch session and hotspot. Allowing more control over these users and much more data out of it:

Reports based on the batch sessions, active users of an entire batch made out, etc…

Take a look:

As you can see in the image above:

  1. Batch Users has now moved into it’s own page space called ‘Batch Users’ (how surprising!)
  2. You now need to specify a batch id/name (it’s just a friendly name to identify the batch)
    as well as some other data such as a description and also associating these batch of users with a hotspot (great for
    taking out statistics later on!)

As can be seen in this screenshot I’ve also got some reports pages related to batch users added.
If you dive into the batch details by entering a batch id/name then you can also get more information like listing the active users of this batch (or getting an exported CSV of it) as well as downloading an invoice computed from this batch or straight emailing it to the business (if this batch is associated with a hotspot)

And more cool stuff to come :-)