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Drupal and how to disable notifications for programmatic node updates

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Programatically working updates on Drupal nodes with node_save() hook

More than often, we Drupal developers find ourselves doing programmatic node modifications via the


function. If you’re doing that as well as have messaging and notifications modules enabled in your site then given the case that your users have subscribed to content-type updates and you’re doing these ‘behind the scenes’


stuff then you’re effectively spamming them with email updates each time you run that function.

To mitigate this issue, when saving a node programmatically you can set an attribute for the notifications module to understand that it needs not to send updates for this operation. It’s a quick and easy one:

function probably_your_hook(&$node) {
 // ... code ... 
 // Disable announcements for this operation
 $node->notifications_content_disable = 1;
 // ... code ...