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Apache Obfuscation by disabling trace and server tokens

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Preventative measures to mitigate leaking the server software running

Apache Obfuscation can be achieved very easily and the benefits are great – it doesn’t disclose server information such as versions, OS, and does output verbose errors when ‘bad things happen’, and they happen.


Edit apache configuration, usually available here for RedHat based distributions: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Make sure the following settings are present, save, and restart apache:

TraceEnable Off  
ServerSignature Off  
ServerTokens Prod

How do we test that this is actually working?

How to TraceEnable

1. curl -v -X TRACE http://…  
2. Confirm you get a forbidden response

How test ServerTokens

  1. Make a request to the website and check the response headers
  2. Confirm the response contains only “Apache” information in the Server header

How to test ServerSignature

  1. Make a request to the website for a URL that should respond with Apache server error
  2. Confirm you don’t see information about the apache server software version, OS, etc.