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The State of — JSHeroes — 2019

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The JSHeroes conference will take place this year in April and bring in people from all over the world to connect with new and old friends…

The JSHeroes conference will take place this year in April and bring in people from all over the world to connect with new and old friends, and learn about new topics.

The State of JSHeroes 2019

The JSHeroes community and the organizers, in particular, are known to work with full transparency as is expected from a community-led conference.

Last year they shared the 2018 transparency report, as they have done so in the preceding year. In this spirit, I went ahead with plotting out a bit of the data we gathered from the Call For Papers (CFP) applications.

In total, we had 324 CFP applications sent to JSHeroes.
The highest number of applications submitted than previous editions.

I then went on with analyzing the time and dates the applications were submitted.

The CFP for JSHeroes 2019 officially opened on September 1st 2018, and closed 3 months later on December 2nd 2018.

When do people submit their CFP applications?
Apparently, the majority of the forms were submitted in an almost even distribution between these times of the day:

  • 12pm to 4pm
  • 4pm to 8pm
  • 8pm to 12am

Since applications are sent around the world, and I didn’t cross-reference the time and origin of the person submitting the form we can’t really conclude much about the actual time of day.

Most of the submissions took place in November, but when exactly in November? It’s important to see a per-day chart because December wasn’t a full month where the CFP was open, it was merely the deadline happening on December 2nd, 2018.

When plotting out the daily chart for when applications were submitted we come to the inevitable and so obvious conclusion that people are big on procrastination.

As can be seen, the spike of CFP applications shows just how most of the traffic happened in the last few days before the CFP program closed.

I’m humbled and honored to join these awesome ambassadors and participate in another global event for JSHeroes.

Don’t hesitate to ping any of us if you have any questions, comments or ideas on how to get involved or anything we can help with. Please give us a ping and we’re excited about seeing you in April 2019.

The Agenda is coming together with many great speakers that you’re likely following already. I’m excited to hear everyone’s talk!

To continue the tradition from last year, JSHeroes also has a Workshop day planned for April 10th, a day before the conference.

What I like most about this year’s workshops is that they are incredibly diverse and different from each other. I’m pretty sure you’re going to find a topic you’d like to spend a few hours or a full day doing:

Consumer-Driven Contracts Workshop

This year, instead of a talk (I think 😁), I’ll be doing a workshop on testing Node.js Microservices, but it’s not just about Node.js itself.

How many times as a frontend engineer did you find that the API contract between the frontend and backend is not per what you expected? Someone got confused, misunderstood, or plain out missed to deliver per what you agreed.

The Consumer-Driven Contracts pattern is exactly what this workshop is all about, regardless of frontend or backend, but for the sake of the workshop we’ll practice it with Node.js API services.

I successfully implemented this concept and rolled it out within my engineering team in a previous roll and others in my previous organization and I’m excited about sharing everything I’ve learned.

Web Security for Frontend Engineers Workshop

Benedek Gagyi is going to run this workshop and provide great tips and security know-how to everyone who feels they are missing out on security jargon, and practices.

It’s a great pleasure for me to join this workshop on Ben’s invite and thrilled that we are making sure to give space to security topics in JSHeroes.

April 11–12, save the date!