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Open Source involvement

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A compilation update of Liran Tal's open source activities

I’ll be updating now and then my Open Source involvement in various projects, as well as code releases and documents.



SourceForge Projects


  • MythTV Email Plugin – QT/C++ plugin for the MythTV project which adds Email notifications.
    MythTV is a great piece of software for enjoying a PVR/Entertainment box and so much more.
  • NetIL Connector – NetIL is a GUI frontend for the pptp-linux and the chat-scripts for ppp to build a connection or kill it for Israeli cable (hot) users. It’s Based on QT/C++, feedback is always appreciated.
  • l2tpknock – l2tpknock is an add-on plugin for l2tpns servers or clusters and is intended to perform the rule of the port knocking idea, but with l2tp vpns, specifically, the l2tpns project
  • hudmanager – this is a freepbx module to manager hud’s configuration file.


Code Snippets