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daloRADIUS 7th Anniversary – 2014 Wrap-up

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Celebrating 7 years of daloRADIUS project and it's success in the RADIUS networking and WiFi hotspots industry

The daloRADIUS project is celebrating it’s 7th Anniversary this month as a mature product on SourceForge and one of the most leading open source project in this industry! I had a feeling I’d need to convince you so here’s the pitch with some slides and backing this up with numbers and data:

DaloRADIUS 2014 – 7th Anniversary


daloRADIUS project was founded way back in the early days of April-May 2007.

It started out as a mundane open source project which I desired to develop due to the unsupported and lack of solution in this Network Operations Center (NOC) and overall RADIUS-based niche audience. Back then the only open source solution for managing a RADIUS based deployment was dialupadmin, which was pretty poor in features, if to be honest, and it amazed me that no one else jumped the gun here.

Illustration – The RADIUS Protocol in a nut-shell


And so it has began. I was out of work (then quitting a cool startup position due to no foreseeable career growth) and with nothing but time on my hands to kick off this project. One of the hardest thing I ever had to do was figure out how to name this project – one of the most annoying problems software engineers are faced with daily – naming variables, functions, classes and sometimes even their own projects.


If you’re hungry for the juicy gossip of why I ended up calling this project daloRADIUS, you might want to give a quick read to an interview I had with the FreeSoftwareMagazine - http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/articles/interview_liran_tal_author_daloradius